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The Stem Cell Show Episode 20 – August 16


Episode 20 – August 16, 2015

Stem Cell Show Episode 20

Jacob Cadwell Reading Email Questions.

Topics Discussed During The Stem Cell Show

  • 4:14 Can Stem Cells treat COPD?
  • 6:37 Angiogram shows effects of smoking
  • 7:59 Stem Cell procedure for COPD and response rate
  • 14:34Lung capacity and how it affects your daily life
  • 16:13 Is there any pain during the Stem Cell procedure?
  • 17:30 Stem Cell treatment procedure and recovery time
  • 21:14 Are recovery rates different if you’ve had COPD for a shorter/longer period of time
  • 28:51 What happens during the Stem Cell transplant procedure
  • 30:23 Recovery time after a Stem Cell transplant
  • 32:07 Discussion about Psoriasis and Autoimmune conditions
  • 33:14 Different types of Autoimmune diseases
  • 35:15Association between Psoriasis and other serious health conditions
  • 43:38Can Stem Cell therapy help spine conditions?
  • 47:41 Can Stem Cells treat Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes
  • 49:57 Can Stem Cell therapy help lower PSA?